• Dr. Herpy

The Hub

The Hub has recently been improved, making many more resources available for the students. There are now three classes being taught in the Hub. Mr. Novak is teaching both Digital Design and Mass Media/Journalism, and Mr. Malkus is teaching Digital Design. The Hub now has updated, double screened computers allowing all three classes the chance… Continue Reading

Garden Club

Kenston has a new Giving Garden Club and needs you to join. Aubrey Taylor and Annikia Markoff are the co-presidents of the Giving Garden Club. Aubrey and Annika, along with a few other friends, have also founded the Kenston Giving Garden outside the science wing. They have been growing various vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes,… Continue Reading

A Day of Remembrance

The deadliest terrorist attack in human history was 18 years ago, today. Many remember it as it was yesterday, many of us weren’t even born yet. September 11, 2001, millions watched the television in horror as hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks not only became the single deadliest terrorist… Continue Reading

Kenston Outfitters New Products

Kenston Outfitters is Mr. Murphy’s new Business Management class for this semester. They are already coming up with many great designs and products for students, as well as reaching out to anybody who would like to represent our school. Their newest products have just released! They have two new long sleeve designs, including a Kenston… Continue Reading

Bold Blue is Bringing Spirit and Fashion Back to Kenston

“Bold Blue plans to not just be any ordinary business management class, but to break away from the typical designs of years past and start designing original and memorable apparel” ~ John Palmer. Starting off the year strong, Bold Blue has released a phone wallet as their first product. Stop by Mr. Kepreos’ room in… Continue Reading

Kenston’s Own Become Fair Royalty

This past weekend of August 30, was host to the 197th Great Geauga County Fair. Most people can relate to the smell of fried foods, the flashing lights, and the sounds of the Fair games and yelling of people riding the rides. Few people however, have experienced the honor of being Fair Royalty. This was… Continue Reading