• Dr. Herpy

What Happens To Our Website Over Summer?

Our website is very similar to the yearbook. It collects all the school stories and it’s written in our students own words. Over the summer, the website just kind of sits and minds its own business, while we are outside during summer making the best of our lives. When we come back to school, our… Continue Reading

Remote Instruction Causing Time Management Challenges

By Ellie Pleune | Bomber Media The COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools around the country, leaving students with the challenges of time management and completing work on time. Without the supervision of teachers in the classroom, it’s no surprise that many distractions can hinder the ability of students to complete assignments on time. With addictive… Continue Reading

Spring Sports Collection of Uniforms Information

Please read the following information very carefully and through the end as information may apply differently to each student.  We will be collecting all Kenston-issued uniform and equipment for all spring sport teams on Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5.  We will also be accepting items that have not yet been returned from fall… Continue Reading

How to Help During COVID-19

Hospitals throughout the world are currently experiencing a shortage of face masks. The coronavirus COVID-19 is the reason for this shortage. Our Kenston community can help our local hospitals by volunteering to sew or to  donate fabric, thread or elastic. Groups like Face Mask Makers Ohio are organizing donation efforts. Groups like this have people… Continue Reading

All Seniors, Juniors, and 16 year old sophomores

The Blood Drive is happening Date : 4/16/2020 Start Time : 09:30 AM End Time : 02:30 PM Where : Adam Hall Address : 11455 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 There will be no walk-ins, online registration is quick and easy 1. You may sign in with the same login you used before.… Continue Reading