• Dr. Herpy

Order Stickers!

The Junior class is conducting a fundraiser for 2022 Prom! The fundraiser link is located in the middle section of the Student Portal. The fundraiser consists of several creative stickers designed by junior Lily Peters. These stickers are designed to suit several different interests and styles. While the proceeds do only go to the Class… Continue Reading

Mr. Murphy and the Business Department

Mr. Murphy teaches three business classes at Kenston High School. He teaches Introduction to Business, Business Management, and International Business. Intro to Business is exactly what it sounds like, it is an introductory class about business and the ways the business world works. Business Management goes in depth about how a business is run and… Continue Reading

Texas Extreme Winter Storms

This winter has been a very strange year for the United States. Many states are experiencing an extreme winter that is not used to it. Texas is under severe weather conditions and this is not a normal event. Since Texas is not used to these conditions,  many are not prepared for this. Texas almost never… Continue Reading