• Dr. Herpy

Mr. Murphy and the Business Department

Mr. Murphy teaches three business classes at Kenston High School. He teaches Introduction to Business, Business Management, and International Business. Intro to Business is exactly what it sounds like, it is an introductory class about business and the ways the business world works. Business Management goes in depth about how a business is run and… Continue Reading

Texas Extreme Winter Storms

This winter has been a very strange year for the United States. Many states are experiencing an extreme winter that is not used to it. Texas is under severe weather conditions and this is not a normal event. Since Texas is not used to these conditions,  many are not prepared for this. Texas almost never… Continue Reading

Students Needed for Research Studies

The Junior AP Research class members have been preparing for their research projects since the beginning of the school year and are moving onto the data collection elements in their projects. Participants will be needed to help these students complete their studies and it would be greatly appreciated if you helped out. Each individual in… Continue Reading

NHS Blood Drive 2021

Kenston’s National Honors Society has organized this year’s blood drive. The blood drive will take place during the school day on February 25, 2021 in both the auxiliary and main gym at the high school. Amelia Witmer-Rich and her committee have worked very carefully to make the process Covid-19 safe. The NHS members safely hosted… Continue Reading