• Dr. Herpy

New Year, New Team!

Nicki Severino

March 5, 2013                                                             Nicki Severino [KHS Web Builder]

It already feels like this year is going by so fast and this past weekend hasn’t been an easy one for the Bomberette’s and the other hopefuls that wish to be part of the 2013-2014 team. On Saturday, the team had tryouts. It was an exhausting day for everyone including Mrs. Werner. The new members of the team include Danielle Apple, Macie Biermann, Jenna Blackburn, Breanna Bodak, Amelia Chantler, Victoria Clawson, Leah Grcevich, Mira Grcevich, Gabrielle Groff, Katie Gross, Hayley Harris, Lauren Parker, Kate Powell, Karlee Schultz, Nicolette Severino, Maria Severino, Monaya Stanley, Rylie Terrion, Julia Taft, Selina Wilkerson, LaJoy Williams and Graycen Wood.