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Aurora clinches CVC Chagrin Division title, likely playoff spot with 63-28 victory against Kenston

AURORA, Ohio – One-hundred forty seven.

That’s not the number of football playoff computer points No. 12 Aurora earned from beating No. 25 Kenston on Friday.

It’s the total number of pushups the Greenmen’s cheerleaders completed just in their 42-point first half, one for each point Aurora scored – every time the team added to its total.

By the time the Greenmen came around to scoring in the second half, the cheerleaders split the push-ups between groups and then ignored them all together in Aurora’s 63-28 Senior Night victory.

With the win, the Greenman clinched the Chagrin Valley Conference Chagrin Division title and should qualify for their ninth consecutive playoff appearance.

Despite the loss, Kenston will likely have enough computer points to also make the playoffs.

“I think it’s the top streak in Northeast Ohio,” Aurora coach Bob Mihalik said of the Greenman’s seventh CVC title in the last nine years. “Our kids are proud of that.”

The streak continued thanks to the many threats of George Bollas and the pick-sixes compliments of juniors Joe Dinardo, who ran one back for 99 yards, and Alex Smierciak.

“We’re not senior dominated like we normally are,” Bollas said. “They’ve been big this year.”

Despite the former wrestler only being a second-year Greenman QB, Bollas went 12-of-17 passing for 82 yards and also rushed 23 times for 210 yards. He had threw one touchdown and rushed for two on the ground.

“I’m kind of learning as I go,” Bollas said. “I’m comfortable now.”

It’s the way Kenston quarterback Parker Gdula will likely look next year after he received so much playing time his sophomore year.

Gdula threw through his highs and lows. On the Bombers’ first driver, Gdula threw his first of three picks in the game.

However, he quickly led his team down the field on the next drive and capped it with a 15-yard touchdown run.

Gdula also showed experience on two separate fourth-down conversions in the second quarter. At fourth-and-11, Gdula lofted a 19-yard pass to wide receiver Jeremy Wyers. The next play, Gdula kept the Bombers within 14 points when he connected with Drew Weninger for a touchdown. He did the same thing on the next drive, but in a fourth-and-8 situation that three plays later turned into a short touchdown run for Gdula.

Gdula finished the regular season with 14 touchdowns and 1,610 yards.

Meanwhile, Bollas’ ability to continue even after first contact and the Greenmen’s interceptions were too much for the Bombers to overcome, though.

Late in the fourth quarter, after Bollas ran two touchdowns for a combined 47 yards, Greenmen junior lineman Brian McNamara was on the field as the rest of the stadium was silent. His teammates would soon find out McNamara broke his leg.

As he was pushed off on a stretcher, his 79 teammates lined up and high-fived him as he was rolled past.

“They’re a brotherhood,” Mihalik said. “These kids care about each other, but we truly have a football family. There’s not even a lot of celebrating because their minds are with Brian.”

The Greenman, state champs in 2008, will find out Sunday about the playoffs when pairings become official.

“We’re trying to get five more games,” Bollas said, “and repeat 2008.”