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KHS Web Builder Profile For Malon Patterson

January 2014

Malon Patterson
Malon Patterson


My name is Malon and this is my freshman year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because I wanted to help design our website.

Presently, my computer background consists of every thing that I have learned from searching the web and working with Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Photoshop. I hope to contribute to the KHS Website working on the sports pages. Besides Website Design and Maintenance, I am taking Algebra Part II, Physical Science, and English this semester.

When I am not in the classroom, I like to work out at the gym alot, play video games, spend time with my friends, and go outside. My favorite TV show is the walking dead. My favorite radio station is 96.5. My all-time favorite movie is the Polar Express. And my favorite wrestler is Cael Sanderson.


I hope you enjoy the 2013-2014 version of the KHS Website.

Malon Patterson
“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” ~ Dhirubhai Ambani

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