• Dr. Herpy

2015 Graduation is Changing Locations!

Over the past years, Kenston High School has held their graduation ceremony at Parkside Church, but due to construction we are forced to change locations. The location for the ceremony will be held in downtown Cleveland at Music Hall. Music Hall is much bigger than Parkside, therefore; kids will have many more tickets to give away to their friends and family. When asked about graduation, senior Jimmy Artale said, “Wow, I’m surprised I made it this far. It’s nice to see that after twelve years of hard work it is finally paying off.” Carmen Gianguzzo, who is a class-officer and a member of the National Honors Society, said, “The increased ticket number really helps people with a lot of family members who want to come. I’m excited to see my whole family there!”

Even though graduation is in May, all the seniors are beginning to get very anxious as “senioritis” is starting to take effect throughout the class of 2015. Let’s take advantage of the extra space and tickets and make it a graduation to remember!