• Dr. Herpy

Bomberettes Ninth National Title


February 12, 2014

Hayley Harris [KHS Web Builder]

The weekend of February 1st, the Kenston Bomberettes competed at Cheer Champion Central’s National Cheer and Dance Competition. The girls worked all season long to live up to the past legacy of the Bomberettes. The Bomberettes won their ninth national title in the Pom and Kick division. There are 17 girls on the team and it takes every individual’s passion and strength to achieve the goal of a national title. The team has been practicing four days a week to prepare for this competition. This year the girls were faced with the hardest competition yet because of the many changes made by the organization. The scoring was more difficult and it was their first time competing on a different floor. They also competed against many studio dance teams that were trying to go to Worlds which put the girls under more pressure. The team impressed the judges with their outstanding kicks, high energy, sharp pom placements,excellent showmanship, and scores above most studio teams. Overall, the success of the weekend made the girls very proud of themselves and everything they have accomplished this season. Senior Halle Fodor said, “They never fail to impress me!”