• Dr. Herpy

Boys Basketball Final Stretch Is Here!

February 10, 2015

Zach Steidel [KHS Web Builder]

With only a couple games left the boys basketball team has been having steidel-zach-ls-3114an amazing season. They are 14-4 right now with a four game win streak. They only have four more games until the season is over and theyhave been fighting the season out with some very close losses.

February 13 is Senior Night against Orange High School. Three of their last four games are at home; knowing this there should be a lot of students cheering on their Bombers as their season is coming to a close. Ryan Toft, one of the freshman players, said,”It was a fun season. Even though it is over I can live without it. It was a good team to be a part of.” Their last game is a week away and the Bombers are practicing hard so they can end the season going 18-4. Hope to see you at the rest of the home games! Go Bombers!