• Dr. Herpy

Bundle Up!

February 10, 2015

Becca Dennis [KHS Web Builder]

Due to the recent gust of frigid arctic air that has swept adennis-becca-ls-3190cross the Cleveland area, schools have been closing, including Kenston. Since the beginning of the new semester, Kenston has already had five snow days! But, even on certain days where the weather is particularly bad, school may still be in session here at KHS. When school is in session on days like this, students should take caution when travelling to school. Students who drive to school may be at risk of spinning out of control on the icy roads. Students who take the bus endure a grueling wait on a freezing morning. “My bus is supposed to come at 6:55,” said junior Deedee Doe. “And one day my bus came ten minutes late. It was so cold outside that I almost went back inside! But as soon as I was about to go in, I saw my bus coming down the hill.” Students are put at risk for conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite when waiting outside for extended amounts of time in the bitter cold. Here are some tips in order to stay safe this winter: drive carefully, don’t stay outside for too long, and bundle up!