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Cavs Winning Streak

wharton-ted-ls-3056February 5, 2015

Ted Wharton [KHS Web Builder]

Are you just sick and tired of the terrible sports teams in Cleveland? Well be sickened no more because the Cavs are back! Ten games won in a row, that’s a streak no one can complain about! Between Kyrie, L-Love, and Bron Bron, this team is looking quite splendid. The playoffs seem like a formality and a championship looks to be a definite. Experts predict from ESPN suggest that the Cavs will never lose another game. Kenston students and teachers are getting really excited about this winning streak. “The Cavs have been making me go wild lately, but I like cricket more,” said Simon Coughlin. “Honestly I don’t like basketball,” said Mr. Continenza. Go Cavs!