• Dr. Herpy

CVC Wrestling Tournament

This Saturday, February 7, 2015, at 10 a.m. the Kenston Boys Varsity Wrestling team is competing for the CVC Championship. The meet will be held at Beachwood High School. The Bomber Wrestling squad has had an impressive 8-3 start to the season, and looks to continue their excellence by dominating the CVC Championship this weekend. I interviewed wrestling Coach Mr. Murphy to get a more vivid description of his thoughts heading into the tournament. Coach Murphy said, “We will train like we have never trained before, we are men on a mission.” Coach Murphy also had a few words to say about the teams second place finish in the last CVC championship against his alma mater, Perry. “I have a lot of respect for Perry but I would love to squash them like a bug.” Coach Murphy’s comments show how motivated and prepared the team is for the tournament. This is the last year of the Chagrin Valley Conference for the Bombers so make sure to wish the team luck before the big tournament!