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Gym Class

lucey-bridget-ls-3198February 23, 2015

Bridget Lucey [KHS Web Builder]

Welcome back to the Kenston High School Gym Website. This semester in gym we have a number of activities and sports planned. Our typical day consists of a warm-up followed by the sport we are playing that day. So far the class has already completed our volleyball unit and we are currently wrapping up our soccer unit. Next we will be moving into our bad mitten unit. Kaitlyn Lyons said “Gym is a fun filled class, and helps me get a kick start to my day.”

Along with sports and activities we also go on a field trip every week. We have already gone to the bowling alley and the ice rink. In the future we plan to take trips to the roller rink, and back to the ice rink and bowling alley.