• Dr. Herpy

Mary Poppins Working Hard


February 18, 2015

Nathan Wasinski [KHS Web Builder]

We’re about a month into KHS’ production of Mary Poppins, and already the show is promising to deliver a “practically perfect” experience. Choreography for the show’s largest song/dance number (Step in Time) has begun along with the fun song ‘Jolly Holiday’, and this week we start the staging for the opening scenes and another large number (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious). All of these numbers will be comprised of a dance ensemble accompanied by featured dancers and the principal or main characters.

A majority of the dancing done in this show will be tap, which means that all of the dancers will have to ensure that their movements are together with each other and the music. To go with the tapping, the featured dancers will be performing tricks such as cartwheels, flips, and jumps that will be spectacular when added to the choreography of the ensemble and that of the main characters.

Another incredible feature of Mary Poppins is when Mary herself gets to fly through the air and across the stage. The work and prep for that aspect of the show will be done further along in the production of the show, but has already been discussed largely among the director and the crew which will be handling the flying. In addition to the stage crew members working on the flying, we’re bringing in a professional flight crew to assist and set up the flight equipment. This show promises to be stunning and magical for all ages.