• Dr. Herpy

Season Tickets

February 6, 2015

Sam Sell [KHS Web Builder]

Being a part of the Kenston Athletics is a great way to be a part osell-sam-ls-3106f         the school and support your school. But most people don’t know that there’s a way to save money when going to these athletic events. A good way to save money is buying season pass tickets. After purchasing this season pass ticket you will be able to go to every home Kenston Athletic event during the 2014-15 school year (with the exception of the following: Kenston Invitational Tournaments, Chagrin Valley Conference Tournaments and Ohio High School Athletic Association sponsored events). A family pass is $200.00, with the family pass you can have 2 adults and 2 students on this season pass. And for an extra $35.00 you can add 2 students to your family pass. Now if you’re a student I recommend the student pass, the student pass is $50.00, which if you think about it is actually a really good deal. The student pass only covers one student. And if you’re an adult and you enjoy attending the Kenston Athletic events you should get the adult pass. The adult pass is $75.00. The adult pass only covers one adult. Mike Konair a Season Ticket holder says “It’s great, you save a lot of money while being able to go to any Kenston home game”. Hope to see you at one of the Kenston Athletic events and go Bombers!