• Dr. Herpy

Senior Mentorship

obringer-sam-ls-3129February 11, 2015

Senior Mentorship is approaching quickly! This one of a kind opportunity gives Kenston Seniors the chance to get real-life experience in a field they are interested in. Seniors are responsible for finding a profession in which they can work a total of 50 hours over two weeks. All eligible students that choose to participate will be exposed to a working environment and learn vital skills that will set them a step ahead for the college lifestyle.  All seniors must report to both a faculty advisor and a community sponsor. Along with keeping a daily journal, participants are responsible for presenting what they learned at an exhibition as well as completing an exit interview.  The project has already been set in motion with proposals due February 27th. Senior Evan Mellone describes his excitement for this opportunity by saying, “I believe it will be fun to experience a real world job and explore my options for the future.” Seniors last day of high school is May 1st and the project beings May 4th. Keep your eyes open for Kenston Seniors out in the real world May 4th to May 18th!