• Dr. Herpy

Spring Break is Almost Here

February 11, 2015kobzowicz-kristina-ls-3102

Kristina Kobzowicz [KHS Web Builder]

Spring Break is right around the corner. It is a nice week to relax and get an extra boost to finish off the school year. There are many students going to very cool places, and some just spending time at home. Joshua Hummer said, “I am going to Cabo, Mexico with my friends and I’m really hoping I’ll have the time of my life.” Just after spring break there will only be 39 more days of school, and I think everyone is very excited for summer break. There are many things happening this summer and it will be sooner than you know it. Hailey LaFrance is looking forward to country concerts and spending time tanning at Chagrin Valley Athletic Club. Hopefully everyone finishes their school year with the extra boost from Spring Break and has an awesome summer because it will be here sooner than you know it.