• Dr. Herpy

The Most Interesting Man in the World!

February 27, 2015

Joshua Hummer [KHS Web Builder]

As we all know at Kenston High School Mr. C or Mr. Continenza is the Web Design teacher and hummer-josh-ls-1817“the guy who takes the pictures.” But what was he like Pre-Kenston? I decided to take a step into the world of Mr. C and get to the bottom of who he is. “I’m a weird guy,” he started off by saying. Aren’t we all weird though in our own way? With 5 brothers in an Italian family, things were crazy, especially on Sundays which were always spaghetti dinners. His father would always say “Put the water on!” When it comes to school Mr. C attended St. Joseph High School, and graduated in 1973. With college near he decided to head to the University of Dayton. A fire broke out in his apartment and he was forced to leave college and work in a factory in Cleveland making tools. He did return to college at Western Michigan and graduated in 1982. Other than school, pursuing his dreams as a pilot is one of his most interesting qualities. He couldn’t fully follow his dreams as a pilot, but instead he became a frequent sky diver for two decades. To keep things interesting, follow up in the near future for more. Hope you enjoyed a little taste of the most interesting man in the world!
Some random facts:
Favorite Food- Pizza
Enjoys Reading
Favorite Song-I Can Only Imagine: By- Mercy Me