• Dr. Herpy

The New Semester

shoemaker-anna-ls2-3224February 10, 2014

As everyone is well aware the new semester began just a month ago, marking the start of a new grading term and introducing each of us to a number of new classes. For me, one of those classes is our own Web Design class, which has already introduced me to a number of new programs. Happily, that also means that I am now involved with the stories placed upon this site, and it gives me a chance to have fun and introduce new things to other people. That takes place on this page and the pages linked to it, including the Anime page, the Extraordinary Cats page, the Photoshop page, and the sadly underapreciated Sign Language page, which is currently removed from the site but will return sometime this week. if any of you wish to donate alterable photos of yourself or your crazy looking cat for the site send them to khs@kenstonlocal.com with a line in the subject area for what page they’re going to. Just expect them to be rather wacky when I’m finished with them. I hope you have a lot of fun this last semester, and to the seniors of the school? Enjoy the end of your high school careers!