• Dr. Herpy

Lebron Blows It For The Cavs

Sunday night when the Cavs were facing the Rockets, Lebron had a steidel-zach-ls-3114horrible game. Even though with his 37 points he only shot 42% from the field. He was 15-35. That’s 20 missed shots! He also choked at the free throw line, only going 4-12. Sam Sell said, “He was an embarrassment to Cleveland Cavaliers that night. It was an unacceptable performance by him. ”

The game was close though. The score was 103-105 with the Cavs losing. The game went into overtime with a last second shot missed by J.R. Smith. Even though they lost, there is one good thing that came out of this game. The Cavaliers now know that they can beat a good team even with Kyrie hurt and Lebron not doing too well.