• Dr. Herpy

Pancake Breakfast

The pancake breakfast is almost here! The pancake breakfast is a sell-sam-ls-3106great time not only to get a good breakfast but to also meet new families and socialize with people. On March 8th it will be the first of three pancake breakfast’s hosted at Kenston High School. The other days are on March 15th and March 22nd. The pancake breakfast starts at 8:30 a.m. and will end at 1 p.m. The pancake breakfast has been a long tradition.

If you haven’t been to the pancake breakfast ever before you are really missing out. You should try and at least go to one of the breakfast’s that are coming up. I have been going to the pancake breakfast for as long as I can remember. Krissie Kobzowicz said, “It is a great and fun environment to have brunch on Sunday with your family.” For more information visit the Bainbridge Women’s Club Website.

Top Ten Reasons why Bainbridge Pancake Breakfast is the best:

Pancakes served on real china, not Styrofoam plates.

Coffee served in ceramic coffee mugs, not Styrofoam.

Real Silverware, not plastic.

You are seated and served no serving lines.

Hand formed sausage patties, not processed links.

Octagonal tables with individual chairs not cafeteria picnic benches.

Geauga Maple Syrup warmed for serving.

Beautiful sunlit cafeteria with 20 foot windows.

All you can eat Buttermilk, Blueberry, or Buckwheat Pancakes, French toast and applesauce.

This is more than a pancake breakfast, this is a community event!

The Bainbridge Civic Club and Bainbridge Women’s Club co sponsors the event along with help from dozens of local organizations.

They serve over 1000 people every Sunday, sometimes as many as 1400.