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Browns Unveil New Logo

zoretich-joe-ls-3132February 26, 2015

Joe Zoretich [KHS Web Builder]

On February 24, 2015, the Cleveland Browns unveiled their new logo design for the 2015 NFL season. This was a change that had been anticipated for months, keeping fans on the edge of their seats in excitement waiting for the new logo. To the most dedicated fans, a new logo could mean the beginning of a new era of Browns football, possibly a winning era. Many of these fans were disappointed when they saw the new logo. Instead of completely redesigning the logo the Browns kept it, but with minor changes. The shade of orange was changed, and the facemask was changed from grey to brown. On April 14th, new Nike uniforms will be unveiled. The Browns front office has hinted that the change to the uniforms is much more drastic than the changes to the logo. Sam Mathis said, “I like the brown colored facemask, but I think there should have been more change.”