• Dr. Herpy

The End is Near

shoemaker-anna-ls2-3224March 6, 2015

Our student run Student Life page is one of our schools proudest achievements, being managed and run almost entirely by the imaginative, hardworking students. Even I’ve contributed, with my re-uploading of the Sign Language page, something I am incredibly proud about. But there is a problem with a student run page, and that is that it is run by students. Students that have to leave, either over the summer months or at the end of their senior year. I’m of the later variety, and I will be sad to go when I’ve only just discovered this class and the work it puts into this website. But! It is not the end of everything, more students will join the class next year, and bring new creativity and pride to our site, and I will look, smile, and laugh at the imaginative creations. Because creativity, and its counterpart insanity, is the fuel of the soul.

And in a quarter’s time I will say, “Ja ne!” and be forced to leave.