• Dr. Herpy

Baseball Team Spring Trip

The varsity baseball team will be headed to Vero Beach, Florida for their annual spring break trip.  The team roster will consist of twenty players that will compete down in Florida.  The journey is about a sixteen hour bus ride leaving on Friday, March 27th and will arrive sometime in the late morning or early afternoon on Saturday, April 4th.  They will be staying at the Historic Dodger town properties, which is where the Dodgers used to host their spring training games until they moved to Arizona.

The team will play six varsity games and two junior varsity games over the course of the week.  They expect to face very good competition as teams from the whole Eastern United States will be in the tournament.  This will be a very good test for the team this year as they are looking to fill holes that were left by last year’s seniors.  It will also set up the Bombers for CVC play as soon as they come back and give them an advantage over the other teams on their schedule.  Senior Brad Davis said “I can’t wait to get to Florida and get out of this Ohio weather.  I am very excited to see all of our hard offseason work pay off.”  The whole team is ready to finally get out onto the field and show what they can do! Go Bombers!