• Dr. Herpy


Mentorship is quickly approaching for the seniors! Seniors are given the opportunity to work with people outside of the school, and are able to experience a “day in the life” of someone who currently has the job that the student is seeking to pursue in the future. Each student by this time should have picked a faculty advisor who will monitor them through the time of mentorship. Mentorship begins May 4th and extends to May 15th. Kate Caputo said, “I am really excited to see if this is what I want to pursue in the future and I think this will help a lot!” The projects have a wide range of variety, such as, teaching in local schools to going to Chagrin Yoga and working with the instructors there! Julia Elliott said, “I am real excited to have the “adult” experience before I head off to college!” I personally think this will be a great experience and give seniors a break from the everyday school routine that we have been so used to for the past four years.