• Dr. Herpy

Sophomores Wanted!

Entertainment and Marketing, also known as radio, is a class for juniors and seniors. This is not a traditional class, but it is well worth the four semester/two year
commitment. Mr. Kofron does an excellent job of making the class exciting, as well as interesting every day. The students taking the class earn an experience you can not gain from any other class. You will gain real life experience of broadcasting from a fully functioning radio station. The radio station, FM 91.5 WKHR, plays jazz and Big Band music from the great American songbook. WKHR covers the greater Cleveland area and broadcasts throughout the world on WKHR.org. WKHR is primarily run by students and volunteers from our community. You receive two letter grades for the class, your class grade and your lab grade. You will gain your lab grade by going to the station after school and spending time contributing to the station. Monday thru Friday, students have their own radio shows. The station is located at the middle school, students will use their brain break to get fresh air while they walk or drive to the station.