• Dr. Herpy

Mass Media Makes A Change

This semester, Mass Media and Journalism is trying to make a new approach on the way the class provides announcements.

The class has decided to add new segments into the announcements to make the announcements more interesting. This includes more game shows, #TBT video or pictures every Thursday, This Day in History, and more to come.

The class has now realized, that although it gives detailed and great news, it still does not have as many viewers as the students would like. The students put in a lot of work every morning to make the show great, but the class still knows there is more that can be done.

The class needs more suggestions and is coming up with ideas everyday in order to make the news stand out and watched more. If you have any suggestions on topics or segments to be put in do not hesitate to contact Mr. Novak at his email: Ryan.Novak@kenstonapps.org.