• Dr. Herpy

Scholarship Deadlines Approaching!

College seems to be getting more and more expensive each year. We are all searching for resources to earn some extra money to help pay the hefty cost of college. Kenston has always been very helpful in this field. There is an abundance of local money out there for us seniors to snatch up by doing some very worth while scholarship applications and essays. Due dates for multiple scholarships are soon approaching however, so being aware and staying on top of these deadlines is key! “Kenston offers many great opportunities for those who are searching for extra aid in paying for college,” said Kenston senior, Halle Fodor. Recognizing the worth of these opportunities like Halle does is very important.

Scholarship applications, criteria and deadlines are in the Guidance Office. Good luck to everyone and be sure not to miss out on any opportunities! Visit the Guidance page (scroll down to Scholarship Information) to find out more details.