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Staff, Students, Parents: If you see someone doing something nice for others, do something nice for them and let us know about it. We will give them “props” on this page. Email your nominations to KHS@KenstonLocal.com

February 4, 2020
Emma Hershberger let Matt Rosinski borrow her pencil.
Emma Hershberger

November 5, 2019
Eric Watson turned in a phone and a set of car keys that he found in the upper C bathroom. About an hour later, a very worried Jimmy Horwitz came to the Main Office to see if someone had turned in his missing items. Jimmy said, “Wow, I don’t even know him, but I’m so glad he turned them in! I was definitely in a panic when I found out they were missing!” A big “thank you” to Eric!

Eric Watson
January 14, 2019
I’d like to get a shout out to some boys on the hockey team, Kyle Silk, Remy Maurer and Cooper Akers, for doing a good deed last night (1/12/2019). They went to a late dinner after their hockey game. On the way back, the were on Pettibone Rd and came upon many cars that were stuck on the hill due to snow and ice. After an already exhausting night for them, the boys spent over an hour in the freezing weather using Kyle’s truck to tow almost all the cars out and waited until police came to help the one car they couldn’t tow.
September 28, 2018
Sean Lennon cleaned my whole locker, and told me he liked my outfit. He made my day.
Sean Lennon
September 21, 2018
Ethan Thorne complimented Emma Koenig on her outfit and made her whole day.
Ethan Thorne
September 13, 2018
Jett Ransom saw Kyler Phillips drop her phone in the hallway without her realizing. He ran into her classroom and gave it to her. Kyler was estatic.
Jett Ransom
February 23, 2018
Kyle Williams was “In the right place at the right time”!
Kyle Williams
December 15, 2017: Giuliana Martain saw a student having an asthma attack to which she rushed over and helped the student stay calm while she searched for the student’s inhaler.  Giuliana took charge of the situation and was a very big help while help was on the way.  Way to go Giuliana!  Giuliana Martin
October 24, 2017: A PTO Mom reported that last week, senior Michael Keating, stopped to help the cafeteria staff pick up about 70 trays that fell over. They were so impressed, he stayed to help even after the bell rang and students were stepping over the trays.  Good job Michael! Michael Keating
October 18, 2017: Jay DeCaro held the doors open for students and staff during the fire drill on Friday, coming in and out of the C wing. Good job, Jay! Jay DeCaro
September 15, 2017: The AP LIT class would like to thank Mr. Marchesi for pushing back the College Essay deadline to Wednesday! Many seniors already suffering from Senioritis are grateful for this opportunity. Hopefully the next step will be abolishing the literary terms quizzes!
March 23, 2017: Emily Richardson found a cell phone with money in its case laying out in the parking lot. She figured out that it belonged to Andrea Rengers, and returned it to her. Andrea is very thankful for Emily’s kindness. Thank you Emily!
February 21, 2017: A HUGE shout out to Skylar Laidman for turning in an iPad she found in the hallway that belonged to Jesse Sandoval. Jesse is thankful. Good job Skylar. Skylar Laidman
January 25, 2017: Alex Small was helpful in a BIG way when she found a lost cell phone!  Jessica Stirewalt was thrilled that Alex took the time to turn it in at the Main Office. Great job Alex!  Alex Small
November 8, 2016: Erin Lawes lost an important envelope this morning and stopped in the office to see if someone had found it. Surprisingly, the envelope was found outside after school and turned into the office by Ellie Schabel. The office contacted the Lawes Family and they were very grateful for Ellie who took the time to turn it in at the office after hours. Ellie Schabel
September 23, 2016: Yearbooks were distributed in homeroom and Shelbie Van Asche didn’t get hers. She said her mom ordered one.  They gave her the yearbook.  She took it home, but Mom said she filled out the form but never turned the payment in, so …. she didn’t order a book. Shelbie brought the yearbook to Guidance the next day and gave it back, saying she didn’t order it after all. Honesty!  Shelbie Van Asche
May 19, 2016: An elderly lady forgot to close her trunk, and a large stack of books fell out into the Washington-Snyder intersection. Amber Wallgren ran out and picked up over 50 books, then went above and beyond by bringing them to the Bainbridge Library and gave them to the lady. She was very appreciative! Great job, Amber! Amber Wallgren
April 20, 2016: Zac Byrnes left his wallet behind in Mr. Hochkraut’s classroom 2nd block. Sam Rowell found it, and gave it to Mr. H. to return to Zac. Zac said, “Thank You!” Sam Rowell
April 13, 2016 A big thank you to Wyatt Kramer from Sophie Dennis.  Thanks for finding my phone in the hallway and turning it in to a teacher 🙂  Wyatt Kramer
April 4, 2016 Kasia Bieniek goes out of her way to help students who were absent or are just confused. I hear she is great at explaining things and spends a lot of time using snap-chat to catch people up. I know Ashley Dvorak and Carmalette Hinson are grateful. Nominated by Ms. D. Kramer Kasia Bieniek
January 28, 2016 Carmaletta Hinson found a beautiful silver ring in the girl’s bathroom and gave it to Mrs. C. Kramer to advertise for the owner.  Later in the day Julianna Martin came to claim her ring.  Many thanks to Carmaletta 🙂 Carmaletta Hinson
December 10, 2015 Ernest Manke found Travis Krebs wallet and drivers license in the hallway and turned it in to the Guidance Office. Travis had no idea why he was being called to the Guidance Office. Travis is very happy and would like to thank Ernest for being honest! Ernest Manke
October 2, 2015 Zachary Czech entered his block 2 class and found $40.00 laying on the floor. Matt Fecko returned to the room and asked if anyone had found money. Zach cheerfully returned the money to Matt which made Matt very happy. Zacahary Czech
September 30, 2015 Joby Herbruck found a pencil pouch in the hallway and turned it into the office. It was claimed by the girl who dropped it and she was happy to have her homecoming ticket back Joby Herbruck
May 13, 2015 Mikayla Tritabuagh turned in lost car keys to the Main Office. Sam Mathis stopped by the office and was very happy to get them back! Mikayla Tritabuagh
April 20, 2015 Jason Bernzweig found and turned in a necklace that belonged to Alondra Martinez which had sentimental value! Needless to say she is relieved to have it back. Jason Bernzweig
March 26, 2015 Freshmen, Sarah Ward turned in a wallet she found belonging to senior, Ryan Stacey. He was very glad to get it back! Sarah Ward
 January 27, 2015Owen Rolf turned in a large amount of cash to the office during lunch. He found the money in the cafeteria lunch line. Mr. Gabram just happened to be in the main office when it happened. Impressed, Mr. Gabram told Owen that we would be submitting his name to Mr. C.  Owen Rolf
 December 20, 2014Evan Berry brought in the Library’s newspapers that were sitting on the ground outside without even being asked.  Evan Berry
 Novemeber 6, 2014Lexi Biggin just turned in a $200 check for the cafeteria that she found in the hallway. It belonged to Nick Hanna. Nick is grateful!  Alexis Biggin
 October 23, 2014Riley Alford turned in a wallet last week belonging to a home schooled student who was here for the PSAT test. Of course the student is very appreciative.  Riley Alford
May 28, 2014This morning, Ryan Harrris & Ryan Cozzens brought an Iphone to the Main Office, found in the C wing hallway. A block later Ben Princic came to claim his phone, very thankful to have it turned in. Thanks – Ryan & Ryan!!! Ryan Harris and Ryan Cozzens
May 6, 2014Cory Gray is very happy to have her jump drive + school ID collection back – thank you to Debrion Prevost for bringing the items to the main office! Debrion Prevost
April 7, 2014 Anthony Pavone and Andrew DiSanto want to bow down and thank Julia Elliott for helping them after they both fell down an entire flight of stairs! Julia Elliott
 March 26, 2014
Taylor Tucholski extends a BIG “thank you” to Meliza Martinez for bringing her left-behind phone to the office – where it was buzzing and driving Mrs. Morris crazy(ier)
 Meliza Martinez
 March 21, 2014
Doing a good thing this week was Brianna Bellamy-Landers. Brianna brought jewelry to the main office earlier this week, left behind when washing hands. Emily Miller was very happy to claim them, later that very afternoon. Thank you Brianna!
 Breanna Landers
 March 6, 2014
Doing something nice – Elizabeth Tuason wishes to thank Evan Berry for bringing her car keys to the Main Office. Elizabeth had left them in the Cafe in the morning.
 Evan Berry
January 23, 2014Chad Lindner wishes to THANK Abby Fikter for bringing in his “dropped” phone . . . it dried out-it works! Thanks – Abby! Abby Fikter
 December 4, 2013Ben Licata wishes to say “thanks” to Hannah Kubaitis, for retrieving and bringing to the main office – his dropped charge card – somehow these items can fall out of pockets in the morning, when you’re in a hurry! Thanks- Hannah!  Hannah Kubaitis
November 5, 2013On Friday, November 1, one of our students rescued an “escapee” – a large, black, well-behaved DOG. Antonio DiDomenico returned to KHS mid-afternoon, and walked up to the building with a large black dog in tow. Antonio checked the dog’s collar, called the Animal Protective League, with the tag’s numbers, and was given the phone number of the owner. Ironically, the owner was on Bainbridge Road – Antonio phoned the owner, and found that the man could not come pick up the dog, so Antonio walked the dog down the back way to Bainbridge Rd., returning the dog safely to his owner. Dick Goddard is smiling on channel 8 . . . Nominated by Mrs. Morris Antonio Didomenico
October 21, 2013A nice thing happened this morning, when Ashley Dvorak brought an important envelope to the office that she had found in the hall, belonging to Miranda Marinello – Miranda extends “thanks” to Ashley!  Ashley Dvorak
 October 4, 2013Joey noticed that it was raining and that Mr. C. had left his car windows open. Joey knows Mr. C. does not have windows in his classroom, so he sent a message to Mr. C. Of course, Mr. C. is grateful. Good job Joey!
 June 12, 2013During the morning of May 22nd, Paul Gray (10th) was exempt from his final exam, but came to school to help the math department and the school librarian. He diligently worked for 2.5 hours assembling binders, classroom folders, cleaning up rooms, organizing hundreds of math books for inventory, and helped file books in the library. A big thank-you from Mrs. C. Kramer, Mr. Koltas, Ms. Hearns and Mrs. Subel 🙂 Great job Paul!Webmaster’s note on June 12: I received the nomination for Paul on May 27. I was on vacation at the time. The email got “buried” in my inbox, and I forgot about it until now. Sorry Paul! ~ Mr. C.
May 2, 2013Lexi Gentile wishes to “thank” Megan Mollohan for bringing in her phone that was forgotten… great job Megan!