• Dr. Herpy

Fourth Quarter is Under Way

The fourth quarter of the 2014-2015 Kenston school year is under way. For the seniors this is the home stretch and Senioritis is in full swing. For most of the school though, they still have a long way to go. Most students are counting down the days until school is out but many forget that they get a nice break in between. Spring Break is the week of the 30th, and is a nice segue from March into April. Freshman, sophomores and juniors will all be here for another two months after break while a large portion of the senior class will only be here for one more month due to the Senior Project. This is when the seniors get to go work with no pay for a company and get experience and knowledge about the business world. Many seniors are looking forward to this experience because it will get them out of school and is a nice way of prepping them for the world after college.  Senior Carmen Gianguzzo said “I am excited to get out of the school atmosphere and get into the real world and learn hands on.”