• Dr. Herpy

The Madness of March

March is the favorite time of year for NCAA basketball fans.  The NCAA basketball tournament started last week with 72 teams making the tournament.  Now, only sixteen teams remain and of course, there were many upsets with even number one seed Villanova being upset by North Carolina State.  There was also a father-son combination at Georgia State who upset the number 3 seed Baylor.  These upsets ruined many people’s brackets and as of this past Saturday night, there are no more perfect brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.  In total, there were 11.57 million brackets submitted to EPSN, many of those had picked Kentucky to go undefeated and win a National Championship.  Senior Bernie Porter said “My brackets are amazing and I cannot be beat.  Kentucky can’t be stopped.  I am looking forward to an exciting rest of the tournament.”  Good luck to everyone in the rest of their brackets!