• Dr. Herpy

Cleveland Sports

This weekend, the Cleveland Indians had their home opener and lost a tough game against the Detroit Tigers. They had a chance to make up for it with the opportunity to steal games in the series but unfortunately they came up short. This is only the beginning of the season and I am sure that they will get back into the swing of things in the next few weeks. The other two sports teams in Cleveland are also getting a lot of attention because Johnny Manziel just recently got out of rehab and fans are wondering how he will do under the wing of Josh McCown. The best thing that Cleveland fans are still waiting on is the playoffs for the Cavaliers. With Lebron back and the Cavs already locked in a spot for the playoffs, people went crazy to get tickets for the chance to see a Cleveland team bring home a championship. Senior Carmen Gianguzzo said, “ It’s not a surprise that the tickets sold out that quick. Hopefully they can bring home a championship back to Cleveland. “