• Dr. Herpy

Final Stretch for Seniors!

Seniors we’re in the final stretch! There are 14 school days left for all seniors going on mentorship and all seniors not going on mentorship have 27 school days left.  Don’t give up yet everyone! Even though the end is near, we can’t give into senioritis and the nice weather(hopefully). Finish strong just like we started! Senior Sydney Braverman said, “I can’t wait to graduate!  All of these years of school are coming to an end and it is amazing!”  Junior Hayley Harris said, “Man I’m really going to miss these seniors and I’m really jealous they get to leave school so early! I can’t wait to be a senior!”

Graduation will be on May 21st at Music Hall downtown. With all of this nice weather coming, it’s going to be harder to get your work done but you have to try the best you can! Don’t forget about AP tests during mentorship as well. Getting credit on those can really help out in college. Have fun and enjoy these last two weeks before mentorship because when they are done we are out for good!