• Dr. Herpy


Prom is right around the corner for Kenston High School which means one thing.  Its promposal season!  Junior and senior boys try to come up with witty ways to ask their hopeful dates to prom in the most surprising way as possible.  Senior Sammy Hajdu said, “I’ve been looking forward to prom since winter break.  I can’t wait to dress up and look like a princess and spend time with my grade one last time!”  Kenston even has their own facebook page where girls post their dresses to eliminate duplicates.  Macie Biermann said, “Since I already posted my dress, I check the page almost every day to see everyone elses dresses and to make sure there are no duplicates.” Prom is at Signature of Solon on May, 2nd which includes dinner and a lot of dancing.

Senior Sam Obringer decided to ask his date in front of thousands of people. Sam asked Katarina Rumplik at the Cleveland Indians game on Sunday, April 12th against the Detroit Tigers on the giant jumbotron in the outfield. Sam said, “It was easier to pull off than most people think. I think it was a win win for me. I got to watch an Indians game and get a prom date at the same time.”