• Dr. Herpy

New York Trip Success

April 17, 2015

Jake Gratto [KHS Web Builder]Kenston Band and Chorus

This past spring break the Kenston Band and Chorus had the incredible opportunity to visit New York City. The band however met with unfortunate setbacks, as the bus broke down between Pennsylvania and New York. All students and adults had to wait for approximately four hours before the trip could resume. Nevertheless, the trip was an all-around success. The trip provided opportunities for the group that has forever been embedded into their memory. An unforgettable performance of Phantom of the Opera, a music workshop, a view from the top of the Rockefeller Building, a visit the Statue of Liberty and much more mesmerized the Kenston students.  It’s only a matter of time before the Music students embark on another trip.

Kenston choir student Nathan Wasinski said, “Overall, I really enjoyed the trip to New York. However, it is terribly unfortunate that we missed a few stops due to the delays.”

Kenston band student Makenna Daus said, “The seventeen hour bus ride was terrible, however once we got to the city it was amazing! The Phantom of the Opera was cool and helped me wake up due to my lack of energy.”

Nevertheless, many memories have been given to the amazing group of students who attended the trip. Great food, fun, and excitement, what more could you ask of a class trip? Despite the setbacks involving the buses the group as a whole had an amazing time.