• Dr. Herpy

In The Life of a Web Builder

Many people may wonder what you do when you’re a Web Builder. Well I’mSam Sell here to inform you on what we do in class. When you walk into class you log on to your computer. Then Mr. C will tell you what he needs help with. Those things that he may need help with can vary. A lot of the times he wants us to help him with editing photos in Photoshop. The photos that we edit are taken by Mr. C. He takes these photos at different events such as sporting events, drum outs, boosters, and basically any picture that ends up on the website. If there’s no photos to edit you can work on your article. Everyone is required to do 2 articles a quarter. And you get to choose what part of the website that article will go up on. Zach Steidel said, “Web Design is a fun class and it’s definitely worth taking.” Also, Mr. C always loves when people want to start a new page and or take over an existing page. These pages can be located on student life.