• Dr. Herpy

March Madness So Far

March 23, 2015

Charlie Ellis [KHS Web Builder]

ellis-charlie-ls-3121As all college basketball fans can assume March Madness has been filled with domination, upsets, and big plays. There are still some surprising teams hanging around like UCLA, NC State, and Michigan State along with all the big names you would expect like Kentucky, Duke, and Wisconsin. This next week will end up being the end of the season for another 8 teams and will be the end to some senior’s college basketball careers. The first games of the Sweet Sixteen will begin Thursday with Notre Dame vs. Wichita State (7:15), Wisconsin vs. North Carolina (7:47), Kentucky vs. West Virginia (9:45), and Xavier vs. Arizona (10:17). A few interesting facts, 87% of brackets have Kentucky and Arizona winning and moving to the Elite 8, while 69% of brackets expected Wisconsin to win this round. Like all games in the tournament you never know what to expect, so do not count out any under dogs on Thursday like West Virginia and Xavier who have really picked it up at the end of this season. Check back later this week to the March Madness page to see how our Web Design brackets are turning out, Mr. C said, “Just because I am in last place don’t count me out, all my teams in my Final Four are still in the hunt.”