• Dr. Herpy

Mary Poppins is coming to Kenston High School

biermann-emma-ls-3204byrnes-zac-ls-3188The Kenston High School students have been working very hard on their rendition of the famous Broadway musical, Mary Poppins. Students have been working hard for months on memorizing songs, dances and scripts. The musical will take place from April 17th until April 19th. Ticket prices range from $12.00 to $16.00 depending on where you would like to be seated for the show. If you decide to buy your ticket at the door, there will be a processing fee of $1 on top of the original price of the ticket. “It’s a lot of work, yet so much fun. You have a chance to become friends with new people and become close to them,” said sophomore Catherine Zickert. For more information, you can call (440) 543-9821 Ext. 5277. Buy your tickets and come see the show everyone has been talking about, Mary Poppins!