• Dr. Herpy

Senior Spring Break

The final spring break for the seniors in Kenston High School will begin March 28th, Saturday, for 10 days.Many senior friend groups are going off with their friends and onto vacation to spend a last vacation with their best friends. Spring break for the seniors is a sad, but exciting time that everyone looks forward to.

“It is weird knowing that this spring break is the last break before college. Honestly I do not know if I am even ready for spring break because I am definitely not ready for college,” said Brooke Mostar, a senior going on spring break with her friends and family to Fort Myers.

From Home Page “Everyone has been looking forward to this break since we were in Kindergarten. Talking with all your best friends about where the last hoorah in high school was going to be spent and what we were going to do,” said Kate Blackburn.

Jeremy Wyers, Bernie Porter, Charlie Ellis, Jay Weemhoff, and Will Bush are an example of best friends who will be going on vacation together and experiencing a last spring break in Siesta Key.

This is the time to relax and hang out with the only people who are experiencing the same feelings of being nervous but extremely excited to go onto the next steps in their lives.

While Nate Epprecht, Cooper Nash, Jake Silbermann, Parker Dueley, and Josh Hummer are going to be living it up together for the last time in Cabo, Mexico.

No matter where a senior goes, stays home or goes out with their friends on a vacation, it is still the last spring break for all seniors and should be celebrated for the job well done the past 12 years in school.

Spring break will be a great experience for all seniors having the time of their lives with their best friends before they leave each other in a couple months.