• Dr. Herpy

Bravo Lax Girls

As an exchange student it is my first time seeing  the sport Lacrosse. I was able to attend one of the girls lax games. It is a cool sport to see. I now have a better idea of the sport. On Monday, May 12, Kenston girls lax took the field to play Avon Lake. The game was delayed because of lighting and thunder. It was the last home game for the girls. They were patiently waiting in their respective locker rooms for the game to resume. The girls left with a 15-7 victory. Good luck girls as you play in the playoffs.  “I am so proud of my team, I cannot wait to play on Thursday,” said senior Becky Parker. Hopefully they will be victorious on Thursday and go to the next level. They will play the winner from the Kent and Revere game, which takes place today.