• Dr. Herpy

Freshman Baseball

On April 14th, the Freshman Baseball team took the field for the first time Zach Steidelagainst St. Ed’s; yes that was a disaster. After that beat down, this team decided to head back into the locker room, re-group and come out swinging. Every pitch, every at bat, every inning of every game, my teammates and I never gave up. Whether we were winning or losing, we kept fighting. Maybe it was because rumor had it, there was a record to beat for the freshmen team or because we wanted Coach Yurch to believe he was not coaching the Bad News Bears (although sometimes we looked like them), we were able to find a way to find a way to win, some games in extra innings and some coming from behind. Playing for this team was one of the best experiences I have had of my Freshman year at Kenston and I would not want to play for or with another group. Mike Koniar said, “Season was going great with its ups and downs, but in the end we figured it out.” Congratulations on a memorable season boys- Tyler Davis, Alex Eiben, Ryan Kammer, Nick Kendra, Mike Koniar, Brett Louis, Gabe Martorana, Jake McMicken, Andrew Radis, Mike Rockefeller, Kyle Scherzer, Ryan Scherzer, Jimmy Spriggs, and Derek Winebrenner.