• Dr. Herpy

Creating a Magazine Cover

This tutorial will give you some ideas, but in no way instructs you on all the possibilities of Photoshop. You will need to explore the various tools of Photoshop and use your imagination to create a unique cover. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Read each step in it’s entirety before beginning the step. You may find notes, hints, or cautions you should know before starting a step.

When you have moved one of the images into your canvas, you can close the image to free up work space.

You can also adjust the levels of each image.

As with anything you are creating on a computer, you should save your work often <Ctrl + S>.

Step 1: Using Adobe Photoshop, open all the images located in w://khs/academics/web-class/mag-cover.

You can download the images here: Arch | Caves | Mountains | Raft | Mailing Label

Step 2: Create a new canvas <CTRL + N> or <File + New> with the following settings:











After opening your files, rearrange your screen to look something like this:









Step 3: Use the <Move Tool> and move the Arch into your new canvas (left click and hold, slide image into canvas); NOTE: The Arch will appear very large in your canvas- you will not be able to see the entire image.

Move Tool











Step 4: Maximize your canvas and press <Ctrl and – “minus sign”> several times until your canvas is very small. Press <Ctrl-T> to bring up the free transform tool. You should see the outline of the original Arch image. If you don’t, press <Ctrl and – > a few more times.

Transform Tool











Hold the Shift key down and grab a corner anchor. Make the outline smaller, until the arch fits in your canvas like the screen shot below.

Arch Resized











Step 5:

Rearrange your work space so the raft image is bigger, and select the elliptical marque tool. Double left click on the lock in the layers window for the raft and say OK, to turn the lock off.

Turn Lock Off; Select Elliptical Marque Tool










Step 6: Using the elliptical marquee tool, make a selection around the raft. Go to the SELECT menu, and select “Inverse.” Press <Delete>. Press <Ctrl-D> to turn off the dancing ants.

Raft Ready to Use











Step 7: Select the move tool, and slide your raft image into your canvas. Follow the process from transforming the arch above to get your raft to be floating on the left arch, as seen in the image below.

Raft on Arch










Step 8: Double left click on the raft layer in the layers window to bring up the Layer Styles dialogue window. Experiment with all the styles until you find what you like. To see the options for each style, you must select that style layer (not just click the check box).

Put a transition on your raft











Step 9: You will now insert the caves and mountains. Using the move tool, slide the caves into your canvas and position on the right arch near the bottom. Then move the mountains into your canvas and resize the image using the transform tool <Ctrl-T> to be the same width as the caves. Position the mountains under the cave. See screen shot below.

With Caves and Mountains









Step 10: Using the Move Tool, slide the Mailing Label into your canvas.  Position the label wherever you want it, and if you would like to rotate it use the transform tool <Ctrl-T>, left click and turn!

With Mailing Label









Step 11: Use the Text Tool <T> from your Tool Bar to add text. Experiment with the options to come up with whatever you like. NOTE: The font you use is important; there is a font that SCREAMS Outwest (not shown below). Can you find it? If you can’t, look here.

With Text