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KHS Web Builder Profile for Jamie Skerlec

Jamie Skerlec

August 2015


My name is Jamie Skerlec and this is my junior year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because whenever I visit the school website and read the articles my classmates have made, it inspired me to take Web Design class so I could do the same.


Presently, my computer background is scarce, but I hope to improve my computer skills with this class. I hope to contribute to the KHS Website working on creating pages, photography, video and reporting. Besides Website Design and Maintenance, I am taking Geometry, The Big History Project, and Government this semester.

When I am not in the classroom, I like to go on bike rides and enjoy nature, take photos, and be with my family. My favorite TV shows are, Awkward., Orange Is The New Black, and Grey’s Anatomy.  My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, The Broods, ARCHIS, and The All-American Rejects. I hope you enjoy the 2015-2016 version of the KHS Website.

Jamie Skerlec

“All beauty found in eyes that meet, each curling lash unfurled, complete__ her eyes in mine, the love we speak.” ~ Michael Faudet

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