• Dr. Herpy

Trivia Club

Welcome to Trivia Club! We are a group that enjoys a good round of trivia – and pizza – each Friday after school. Our club runs until 3:30, and it’s a very laid back organization. Feel free to just drop by! There’s no need to study and practice is not required. Tournaments and competitions are held all over Northeast Ohio, and we were even able to make it to the 2015 National Academic Championship in Washington DC last year. Also, there is the chance we could get on the televised Academic Competition show! Its a blast!

Upcoming Events:

Televised Academic Challenge Competition – February, 2017

Would you like to join Trivia Club? Easy! Just stop by on Fridays after school, and sign up on Google Classroom! You could also receive notifications on your device about upcoming events if you sign up for our Celly.

Google Classroom- You can easily sign up for Google Classroom by logging in with your kenstonapps account, and then entering “mffarp”.

Celly- Text 23559 to our account at @TriviaClub to get notifications on upcoming events

Coach – Mr. Koltas

Assistant Coach – Mr. Maiorana

President – Matthew Stanonis