• Dr. Herpy

Culinary Culture Club

Welcome to Culinary Culture Club at Kenston!

CCC Collage Founder Chad Lindner

Culinary Culture Club (CCC) is a new club at Kenston, created by Chad Lindner. CCC welcomes all students to attend a meeting to learn about cultures and test foods from all around the world. CCC meets every other Tuesday with the school’s brilliant cook, Chef Teaman. Interested in joining? Contact President and Founder Chad Lindner, Vice President Tyler Cooper, or Director of Communications Chloe Sferra.

This club has already had their taste buds and brains travel to China, Mexico, Italy, and more! The teacher adviser, Mr. Marchesi, loves this club. It has become a passion of his to support the continuation of the club when the seniors leave. Juniors, come check it out!  CCC has many exciting upcoming events; including helping Kenston Intermediate students in the kitchen, field trips to local, diverse restaurants, and a cooking throw down in which members will put their knowledge to the test!

There is no fee to join, and meetings are less than an hour after school. If you think you don’t want free food and knowledge then you are lying to yourself. There is no reason not to join this club; look how much fun we are having! I hope you consider joining Culinary Culture Club, because this club will go down in history as legen…wait for it….DAIRY!!!