• Dr. Herpy

Kenston High School Website Mission Statement

The mission of the Kenston High School Website is to acknowledge, praise, and give recognition to members of the Kenston High School community in a professional, informational, and friendly manner. We also want to have fun doing so, and have items posted you can laugh about.

The KHS Web Builders focus on maintaining a positive selection of up-to-date content. We want to show the community what goes on inside the walls of Kenston High School and inside the minds of Kenston students.

We express our gratitude to everyone that has contributed in making our Internet Community the best school website in the United States of America (named so by Education World), including various staff, alumni, and a host of student and staff reporters from athletic teams, various clubs, academics, and organizations.

Enjoy getting to know the students that bring you the KHS Website a little better by reading the profiles listed on our Web Design Home Page located in the right column under “Meet Your Web Builders.”