• Dr. Herpy



Train sand part 2.

Snowman Snow.

Let it go snow.

Mickey Mouse sand.

Dragon sand.

Crazy Crab Sand.

Snowman sand.

Ship sand.

Dolphin sand.

Soulful shark sand.

Whale sand.


Wow, cool heart sand.

Choo. Choo. Sand.

Crazy realistic whale sand.

Willy Wonka sand.

Crazy minion sand.

Cool lion sand.

Happy Halloween.

In a sand wonderland.

Angry sand birds.

Cool squid sand.

Chubby sand art.

A cool sand crocodile.

E.T. looking very realistic.

Kachow, look at this sand sculpture.

Desert sand, in a jar.

Image result for sand in a bottleKyle McAbier

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Welcome to the Sand Page!

Kyle Silk, Bennett Wenger, Kyle McAbier, and Luke Smith (now being run by Nik Hunder) are creating a new page on the webpage called the sand page. Visit ThisIsSand and create your own sand masterpiece. Email it to khs@kenstonlocal.com and we will post your masterpiece to our page.



Mr. President

Wow we’re so excited to bring you this creation from President Obama! Good Job Mr. President!


Connor Kure

We’d like to feature a work by Connor Kure. A piece of art that was created with some intention unlike the rest of the art

Unlimited Rainbow


Leaning Tower of Sand Created On Accident

Leaning Tower Of Sand created on accident By: Nik Hunder

I Don’t Care

Our next induction was created by an anonymous user


The Sand Page is proud to introduce “Oooooookillem”, a great piece of sand art by Kyle McAbier to our page. Good Job Kyle!


This was a piece created by Nik Hunder at the end of class and then he ran out of time…

 Unfinished. 2

This is an unfinished piece with no time left to be completed.. By: Dom

 Random Mountain Rangish Thingy

Colin Koehn

This is a random mountain range created by Colin Koehn


Clair Tuller

This is a blurry triangle thing by Clair Tuller