• Dr. Herpy

What is Unity Club?

You may have heard of Kenston’s Diversity Club, founded last school year by former seniors (now Kenston Alumni) Madison Thomas, Jack Formica, and Libby Sparks. Near the end of the 2016-2017 school year it was re-branded as Unity Club in order to better describe what the club represents. If you did hear about the club last year, you most likely didn’t know what it was really about, so here’s your chance to find out.

“The mission of Kenston’s Unity Club is to foster the growth of an empathetic community, cultivated through unbiased education, open conversation, and receptive and responsive leadership.”

The above quote is the club’s mission statement, which members created together during an in-school field trip on February 27, 2017. Shaker Heights, Chardon, and the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio met together in the Auburn-Bainbridge Room to discuss diversity, and what we and our clubs can do for our communities.

diversity club field tripdiversity club field trip

diversity club field tripdiversity club field trip

An incredible day learning, collaborating, planning, and engaging in important conversations. #kenstoninspiredpic.twitter.com/m1jcue9LT3

— Mrs. J. Joyce (@JJoyce_Class) February 27, 2017

A group of our members also attended the Spring High School Conference with the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, where nearly 40 schools came together to listen to presentations by people such as Judge Michael Ryan, and Aaron Calafato from Equality Ohio.

From Left to Right: Elizabeth Ortner, Audrey Oleskiewicz, Trey Petrella, Mia Barnes, Wesley Byrnes, and Anna Ortner.

Ready to kick off the Spring High School Conference with the Diversity Center of NEO! #kenstoninspired pic.twitter.com/5DWc3TSQq5

— Mrs. J. Joyce (@JJoyce_Class) March 10, 2017

Judge Michael Ryan

As a club we try our best to get involved and help people when they need it, which is why we sponsored the Flint, MI Supplies Drive in March thanks to former member Mia Barnes.

Flint MI Drive Flint MI Drive

Flint, MI supply drive, now through 4/7. Diapers, wipes, sanitizer, bottled water, and plastic utensils needed! pic.twitter.com/eBrhJ0fWSp

— Mrs. J. Joyce (@JJoyce_Class) March 31, 2017

As you can see, there are many amazing opportunities for growth and education through Unity Club. This is what Unity Club is about: community, equality, and humanitarianism. We of course want to fight for social issues such as racism, homophobia, and sexism, but we’ll do anything we can to help anyone who needs it. We want our club to be a peaceful and positive space for everyone, and we hope to spread that space to the rest of our world. 

Just like any club we have had our growing pains and intra-club conflict (all of which have been dealt with), but we’re doing our best to be the best we can be. We are not a political club and we do not discriminate for any reason. Everyone is encouraged to join. Old or new, we’ll welcome you!

Unity Club meets during Wednesday homerooms in Mrs. J Joyce’s room, A118.