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Meet Mr. Barrus

Mr. Barruschristian.barrus@kenstonapps.org
Education [high school / college(s) / degree(s)]: Kenmore West H.S.; Kenmore, NY (1987); Clarkson University (1991, B.S. Mechanical Engineering); Cleveland State U. (2001, Masters – Education)
What year did you start teaching and where?: Fairport Harding H.S, 2001
What year did you start at Kenston?: 2005
Why did you become a teacher?: I was unsatisfied with my corporate job plus I was fascinated with how my own children learned. I enjoyed science and problem solving and knew I could be a good teacher.
Why did you choose your discipline?: I have an engineering degree, so I was always interested in how things work. Physics explains how the entire universe works. And my engineering coursework covered most of the topics I was required to know to teach physics.
What hobbies / interests do you have?: I’m a science loving, Boy Scout leading, golfing, sports-watching, husband and father of 4 boys.
What is your favorite food?: Pizza, wings, and roast beef from my hometown, Buffalo, NY.
What is your favorite Movie or TV show?: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
What is your favorite book?: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Where is your favorite place to travel?: I love traveling to the national parks – I’ve been to 20 of them.
What is your favorite quote?: “We choose to go to the moon… not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” – JFK