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Meet Mr. Todd Malkus

Mr. Todd Malkustodd.malkus@kenstonapps.org

Education [high school / college(s) / degree(s)]: Mentor High School (1989) / Kent State University (1994, BFA) ; Nova Southeastern University ( 2013, Masters)
What year did you start teaching and where?: Lakota Freshman School ,1996 / Brooklyn High School, 2000 / Mentor High School, 2001 / Kenston High School, 2004
What year did you start at Kenston?: 2004
Why did you become a teacher?: My decision to become a teacher was largely based on my high school experience. My high school art instructor, Ken Kary, was truly exceptional. Looking back after high school I realized how much of a difference his influence had on my appreciation and love for the visual arts. I decided to pursue teaching in an effort to provide the same opportunities to my students.
Why did you choose your discipline?: See above… I have always been a visual person involved in artistic activities. Graphic design was way too rigid for me. The classroom oddly seemed like a good place for me. Up until my junior year of college I was terrified to speak in front of others. I guess that has changed a bit.
What hobbies / interests do you have?: Mountain Biking / Rays Indoor Bike Park, Playing drums, Playing hockey on occasion, eating too much, doing action packed stuff with the family and of course making, building, creating.
What is your favorite food?: All….except for Liver; that stuff is terrible.
What is your favorite Movie or TV show?: Red Bull TV or Slapshot
What is your favorite book?: Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine
Where is your favorite place to travel?: Brevard, North Carolina.
What is your favorite quote?: “What you give is what you get.”

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