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Meet Mrs. Shannon Wirthwein


Mrs. Shannon Wirthwein

Education [high school / college(s) / degree(s)]: Cuyahoga Falls (1987) Miami University (1991 BS) Kent State (2007, Masters)
What year did you start teaching and where?: New Berlin High School
What year did you start at Kenston?:1993 Kenston 2002
Why did you become a teacher?: I had a several high school teachers who inspired me with their passion and commitment.
Why did you choose your discipline?: I like knowing the reasons behind things – the past creates the present
What hobbies / interests do you have?: Pretty much anything in the arts: theater, music, painting etc
What is your favorite food?: Any form of baked goods
What is your favorite Movie or TV show?: The West Wing
What is your favorite book?: Jane Austen – Mansfield Park
Where is your favorite place to travel?: London
What is your favorite quote?: “Every time we think we’ve measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and realize that capacity may well be limitless”

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