• Dr. Herpy

Where Are They Now?

First Sergeant Drew Weninger It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means Kenston Alumni come back to KHS for a visit. 2014 Kenston graduate Drew Weninger stopped by to visit.

Drew is currently with the 14th Company and is a First Sergeant at US Navy Academy.

First Sergeant Drew Weninger gave us a brief synopsis of what he is doing now.

Currently a rising junior at the United States Naval Academy and the 14th Company First Sergeant. I am attending USNA for a Bachelor of Science in Physics following the astrophysics track as well the theoretical and mathematical physics track. I take pride in my academic achievements through maintaining a solid grade point average throughout my collegiate career at all three universities I have been a part of (Case Western Reserve University, United States Naval Academy, and Nanyang Technological University) and participating in various extra curricular activities. I aspire for professional experience in research within the fields of quantum optics, quantum networking, particle physics, and theoretical and mathematical physics. My perseverance, dedication, and goal-oriented attitude allows me to stay positive about my future career endeavors. I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to learn and build upon the knowledge and skills that I have gained through my courses and previous professional experience thus far, and I am eager to show the real world what I can accomplish within the physics research community.